Who We Are

We are committed to:

•Progressive change

•Making our customers' business better

•Creating a remarkable experience

•Enriching our community

Core Values
  • Integrity to do the right thing even when hard, unpopular, or uncomfortable.

  • Share YOUR voice. The voice to stand up and speak up, when appropriate, for any noticed disrespect the process, policy, or co-owners. This also means your ideas and share in the growth of our Company because we are better when we collaborate openly.

  • Courage to follow the process and embrace the unknown.

  • Being committed to the task at hand, the process in place, the team, the Company, and the Vision.

  • Being committed means showing up ready and eager to make a positive difference.

  • Following through and standing with the final decision, even if it was not your point of view of opinion.

  • Working AS ONE! Understanding we are better as a team, to be successful we need all of us and should communicate opening with one another.

  • Respecting each other and understanding that each and every role is vital for our happiness and success as a team.

  • Respecting those around you for the uniqueness they bring and what their duties are.

  • Understanding that the more we raise those around us we truly raise ourselves and OUR company. Helping someone else or another department shine does not take away from you, it helps us all shine brighter and reach higher.

  • Understanding we are a team, and our team comes first. Respecting each other enough to have the difficult conversations when necessary.

  • Respecting that being a team doesn’t mean we all see things the same, we are made up of many different opinions and different ideas of what correct looks like. Compassion is taking the time to get curious and either educate or learn together vs creating a disagreement or grudge.

  • Respecting where others are physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • OWN IT! This is OUR company, act like it. Developing an ownership mindset.

  • Taking ownership in what we can control – we own our work product, our task, and our role because it is a vital piece to the overall success.

  • Standing behind a decision even when it’s determined to be a mistake. Ownership is owning the error, communicating it, and then taking the action necessary to make it right.

  • To be an active participant in our ESOP (our company) means we choose each day to actively show up. Acting like an Owner at work and away from work. Looking like an owner. Thinking like an owner.

  • Joining in the vison and focusing on the highs and not the lows.

  • Finding the good in every situation. This does not mean we do not have bad days or things are not hard we will, and they are. Optimism for our company means we find the good in the people around us, the good in the current situation, and the good in any problem. This is finding the way to say ‘We CAN do it if it looks like this’: instead of saying ‘We do not or cannot do that ‘. (Period)


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