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Mountainland Milestones

July 5
Amazon is born
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February 2
Amazon Prime debuts
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January 31
Amazon acquires Audible
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Company Bio

Mountainland Supply, a Mountain Contractors Supply Company, is a leading wholesale distributor in the Plumbing and Heating/Cooling industry. We service 12 different verticals some of which include waterworks, landscape irrigation, tools & safety, pump & drilling, agriculture, truck outfitting/fabrication, and more. Today we have over 40 branch locations across seven states with over 1000 employee-owners. We are a family that is committed to our customers, our communities, and our fellow employee-owners.

We recently celebrated our 76th year as a Company starting in 1947. In July 2018, Mountainland Supply became a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. Joining Mountainland Supply means you are a part of that ESOP and an employee-owner. Not only does it provide ownership and an ownership mindset in our day to day, but an ESOP is also a qualified retirement plan. Our ESOP is fully employer-funded, meaning as you enhance our efforts and contribute as an active employee-owner you not only have a job you enjoy, but an account growing with your ownership shares on the backend.

We ask all employee-owners to demonstrate our core values, which are courage, commitment, compassion, collaboration, ownership, and optimism.

We are committed to making our customers’ business better. We achieve this through progressive change, creating remarkable experiences, and enriching our communities.


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